FlyFit’s skincare range to display at IFSA Long Beach

FlyFit knows that wellness starts from the inside out. However, the company is also conscious of the fact that what travelers put directly on their skin can have a direct effect on internal health. That’s why FlyFit will be displaying its new skincare range at the IFSA expo next week in Long Beach. At booth 555, conference attendees will be able to try FlyFit products including The Hyaluronic Serum, The Vitamin C Face Cream and The Pillow Mist that work to promote passenger wellness onboard and off.

According to a recent release, The Hyaluronic Serum is “the King of all moisturizers” and should be applied as the base before the FlyFit Vitamin C Face Cream as it acts as a “locking agent” to seal in moisture. Both the serum and the face cream have a combination of lavender and citrus scents which, the release said, makes it appropriate to use either right before sleep or upon waking up to refreshen.

The Vitamin C Face cream is to be used immediately after the serum. The product is light and hydrating. The Circulation Eye Gel features a peppermint aroma and algae extract used to visibly firm around the eye area. The eye gel also includes Arnica montana flower extract, an ingredient that treats under-eye darkness as well as antioxidant-rich fig fruit extract.

Rounding out the set is The Pillow Mist, a lavender-scented spray that will help promote calmness, relaxation and restorative sleep.


FlyFit will be displaying its new skincare range at the IFSA expo next week in Long Beach


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