New Range of Tailor-Made Supplements from FlyFit

FlyFit develops new range of tailor-made supplements that help people overcome the effects of highly active lifestyles and continuous travel. Based on its successful FlyFit Travel line, they have now developed three additional product lines. Immunity, Work and Sport.

During long-haul flights, the body and mind suffer from dehydration, stress, and low blood circulation, causing what is commonly known as jetlag. These negative side effects are also found in athletes and people with highly demanding jobs.

Fruitflow® the beverage shots can be dropped into water one-hour before your flight to provide a boost of hydration and circulation for quick recovery after travel.

“The formula rehydrates the body up to three-times more than just water alone,” says Boudewijn van Eeghen, Co-Founder, FlyFit.

Natural and clinically proven ingredient Fruitflow helps maintain a healthy blood flow and circulation. It is ideal for one-the-go activity and before long period of immobility, such as flights.

“Fruitflow is a first natural, scientifically-substantiated solution containing many active ingredients which help keep the blood flowing smoothly to help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Ideal as well in the presence of air pollution,” reads a press release from FlyFit.

By combining FlyFit’s rehydration formula with Fruitflow and a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, passengers can feel well during travel, from home, to airport, to flight. FlyFit shots use no artificial flavouring and are sweetened with high-quality Stevia. They are eight calories per serving with no added sugar.

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