FlyFit develops science-based technology supplements naturally supporting a healthy blood flow and optimal hydration during Travel, Sport, and Work activities

Optimize your everyday life

Less than a decade ago, FlyFit joined forces with a team of nutritionists and wellness experts with the ambition to develop science-based nutritional supplements to help you be at your best.

We explored daily occasions in which body and mind are under the most stressful conditions. It became clear that while Work and Sports are very demanding, but that Travel, especially Air-travel at 35.000ft, is the most challenging one of all.

During long-haul flights, the body and mind suffer extremely from poorer performance, insomnia, risk on DVT, daytime fatigue, dehydration, stress, and low blood circulation, causing what is commonly known as jetlag. These negative side effects are also found in athletes and people with highly demanding and stressful jobs. 

Because of this, we decided that the knowledge gained by tackling the most challenging occasion, air-travel, would be at the basis of the Immunity, Work and Sport formulas as well. Thus, creating the highest quality & revolutionary supplements for modern day life with our Fly Fit-Triangle Technology® to boost your bodies performance, mental focus and recovery.

After intensive testing of 15 different formulas over a great number of reputed airlines, the “Travel” formula was finalized. Proving to deliver exceptional benefits under the most challenging conditions. And so, Fly Fit was born.

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