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Our FlyFit product range is Scientifically Formulated by a team of nutritionists and wellness experts from Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients (est.1642)

Our proprietary FlyFit-Triangle® is at the core of all of our products. It represents a combination of vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients, that support a robust immune system, good circulation, and balanced hydration. 

Blood flow, or circulation, is primarily powered by your heart, but the movement of blood throughout your body is also aided by physical activity. The impact of a sedentary lifestyle on the circulatory system and overall health should not be ignored, especially for people who exercise infrequently, and even for healthy professionals who sit for long periods at work.

At FlyFit we are committed to developing products that optimize your body and mind

Little inside scoop:

Our natural ingredient Fruitflow won the ‘Most Innovative Health Ingredient’ and won the best innovation in the ‘Heart Health’ category at the Health Ingredients Europe Conference

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