Fly Fit develop science based supplements with a powerful blend that naturally support a healthy blood flow, improve our hydration and strengthen our immunity and performance during and after Travel, Sport and Work. And for drinkers our Science & Technology centre created the most powerful hangover relief on the market. Fuel your busy lifestyle and get a jump start with Fly Fit!

Think of it as water, but better. And hey, that's not a criticism of water - we love water. It's just better with us.



The anti-hangover cure that works

Loving a drink but hating the mornings the day after? We got you. Mix our anti-hangover tablet with some water before drinking alcohol and you're ready to beat the morning after. Never feel exhausted again after a night out.

You'll thank us in the AM.

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Fly Fit Ambassador

I have been using Fly Fit Sport for the last 18 months and I have much more energy during my golf and feel less tired and more hydrated after my round. The ideal product for almost any challenging situation. With this unique composition you can replenish the most essential electrolytes, vitamins and minerals in no time. This results in a much faster recovery, optimal blood flow and less long dip after stressful moments. I can recommend Fly Fit to everyone!!

Niels Kraaij

" National Golf Coach The Netherlands "

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Our formula


Our proprietary FlyFit-Triangle Technology® is at the core of all of our products, including vitamins, minerals and clean electrolytes to optimalize wellness. Just add clean crispy water and enjoy our hydration accelerator!

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